Terms & Conditions



Registration Process and Payment Methods

  • Conference registrations will not be confirmed until the correct/ full payment is received and processed by the Registration Office.
  • Registrants should obtain confirmation from the Registration Office before committing to other travel arrangements.
  • Organizer cannot be responsible for your spam filters blocking your confirmation email. Please be sure your spam filters will allow mail from real-sec.com, risk-conference.com and the conference coordinator.
  • Accommodation costs are not included in the conference registration fee. Attendees are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements.
  • On-site registration payment is possible based on available slots.

Event policy

  • The organizer reserves the right to change the presentation details, agenda dates and contents.

Cancellation Policy

  • Conference registrations cancelled on or before 27th of April 2024 will be entitled to a 50% refund.
  • Registrations cancelled after 27th of April 2024 will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Conference registration can be cancelled only in writing to conference official coordinator.
  • Substitutions may be made at any time. If you wish to substitute a participant, please contact the conference official coordinator at the earliest opportunity.
  • All refunds will be made after the Conference and within one month.

Force Majeure

Conference Organizer shall not be held responsible for any delay or failure in performance of its obligations here under to the extent such delay or failure is caused by fire, flood, strike, civil, governmental or military authority, acts of God, acts of terrorism, acts of war, epidemics, the availability of the Venue or other similar causes beyond its reasonable control and without the fault or negligence of Conference Organizer or its subcontractors.  For one or more of such reasons, Conference Organizer may postpone, reschedule or cancel the event without liability on the part of Conference Organizer.  In the event Conference cannot be held or is postponed pursuant to this section, Conference Organizer shall not be liable to attendee for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodations costs, or financial losses.